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Smart Card

A smart card is a plastic card with a microchip embedded in it. The smart card is usually based on the IC card technology. With the computer and communication technology as the means, the various facilities inside the intelligent building are connected into an organic whole. The user can complete the usual key, fund settlement and attendance through an IC card.
The smart cards we provide mainly include: Smart SIM Card, Blank Contact IC Card, 125Khz ID Card, Transparent PVC Card, Mifare Classic Card, etc.
The difference between a smart card and a traditional magnetic stripe card is that a microchip chip that can store a large amount of data information is embedded in the card, and the cardholder's personal data, account amount, account change, etc. can be stored in the micro-processing. On the chip, it has the characteristics of large information capacity, strong security and confidentiality, long service life, fast acceptance and settlement.
Our company is one of the leading smart card manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing high-quality smart cards with cheap price for many famous brands. Please feel free to wholesale or buy discount smart card at low price from our factory. All products are with CE certification.
  • Mifare Classic Card

    Contactless Mifare Classic CardSpecification: Mifare Classic Card has two models, Mifare Classic 1K(MF1 S50) and Mifare Classic 4K(MF1 S70). Its corresponding compatible card are FUDAN S50 and FUDAN
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  • Composite Card

    Specification: It is simple combination of smart card and magnetic strip card,or the simple combination for any two of LF Card/HF Card/UHF Card, and Combination of two protocols HF Card.Some people c
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  • Barcode Card

    Barcode Card Specification: Barcode is the small image of lines (bars) and spaces that is affixed to retail store items, identification cards, and postal mail to identify a particular product numb
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  • Blank PVC Cards With Visa Logo

    blank pvc cards with visa logo Specification: Processing:4 color offset printing, magnetic stripe, embossing number, signature panel,photo, barcode, hot stamping, gold / sliver color, scratch-off, series number, hole punching, spot UV printing, hologram, etc. Applications:...
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  • Blank Id Card With Chip

    blank ID cards with chip Advantages´╝Ü 1. High quality and competitive price 2. Size:85.5mm*54mm*0.76mm or on your demand 3. Material: PVC/ ABS/ PET /PETG 4. Surface : Glossy/ Matt/ Frosted Contact chip: SLE5542, SLE5528, SLE4442, SLE4428, BL7442, BL7428, AT24C, AT88SC, etc...
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  • Magnetic Strip Card

    Magnetic Strip Card Specification: Magnetic Strip Card ,sometimes called swipe card or magstripe, is read by swiping past a magnetic reading head. It has two kinds of magnetic strip, one is HICO C
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  • Contactless ID Card

    Contactless ID Card Specification: ID Card is THR12/13 read-only type contactless cards. It reads unique card number in EEPROM by reader. Once card number is wrote in before sealing,it can not ame
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  • Contactless IC Card

    Contactless IC Card Specification: Contactless IC Card is also called RFID Card.It is made up of IC Chip and inductive antenna,sealing into standard PVC Card.There is no any exposed both IC chip a
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  • Contact IC Card

    Contact IC Card Specification: IC Card is Integrated Circuit Card for short, is a plastic card to inset Integrated Circuit chip, its shape and size all are follow the international standard (ISO/I
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  • Blank Smart Card

    Blank Smart Card Specification: Blank Card,Generally called white plastic/PVC cards, which is without any printing. One of blank card has number in surface,other is without any number in surface.
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