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Smart Card

A smart card is a plastic card with a microchip embedded in it. The smart card is usually based on the IC card technology. With the computer and communication technology as the means, the various facilities inside the intelligent building are connected into an organic whole. The user can complete the usual key, fund settlement and attendance through an IC card.
The smart cards we provide mainly include: Smart SIM Card, Blank Contact IC Card, 125Khz ID Card, Transparent PVC Card, Mifare Classic Card, etc.
The difference between a smart card and a traditional magnetic stripe card is that a microchip chip that can store a large amount of data information is embedded in the card, and the cardholder's personal data, account amount, account change, etc. can be stored in the micro-processing. On the chip, it has the characteristics of large information capacity, strong security and confidentiality, long service life, fast acceptance and settlement.
Our company is one of the leading smart card manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing high-quality smart cards with cheap price for many famous brands. Please feel free to wholesale or buy discount smart card at low price from our factory. All products are with CE certification.
  • Blank Printable Id Cards

    This new launched Blank Printable Id Cards material is non-fluorescence PVC material, it is more environmental protection than general PVC cards. Both sides with lamination to prevent scratches and the face of body is very smooth and clean, it is very easy to print.
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  • CPU Card

    The CPU card contains a microprocessor that functions as a microcomputer. The CPU card can be applied to many fields such as finance, insurance, traffic police, government industry, etc. It has the characteristics of large user space, fast reading speed and support for one card.
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  • Mifare Plus Card

    Mifare Plus Card
    1.Entry level version of the proven MIFARE Plus product family
    2.Simple fixed memory structure compatible with MIFARE Classic
    3.Freely configurable access conditions
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  • RFID Proximity Card

    RFID Proximity Card Specification:Mifare Ultralight CardPhysicalDimension:ISO CR80 Standard: 85.5mm*54mmThickness:0.84mm or customizedWeight:6.2g +/-0.5gDesign:CustomizedMaterial:PVC, PET, PETG, ABSS
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  • Blank White PVC ID Cards

    Blank White PVC ID Cards are cards made of PVC material. PVC materials are often added with stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, colorants, impact agents and other additives in actual use. It has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and...
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  • Blank Plastic Credit Cards

    Blank Plastic Credit Cards
    1. Material environment friendly PET or PVC or ABS
    2. Size all shapes and thickness are available
    3. Surface finishing glossy, matt, frosted, laminated
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  • Smart SIM Card

    Smart SIM cards can make your phone smarter. This powerful SIM card remembers more numbers, hides curious eye-catching text messages, and unlocks your memories by securely storing various passwords and security codes.
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  • Blank Contact IC Card

    Blank Contact IC Card is a card made by embedding a microelectronic chip into a card base conforming to the ISO 7816 standard. The communication between the IC card and the reader can be either contact or non-contact.
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  • Photo ID Card

    Specification:Photo ID Card
    Physical Dimension: 85.47mm-85.72mm
    Thickness:0.45mm, 0.60mm, 0.70mm, 0.76mm
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  • 125Khz ID Card

    125Khz ID Card
    1. Carrier frequency is 125KHZ (THRC12
    2. The modulation mode of the ID card transmitting data to the card reader is loading amplitude modulation;
    3. The data encoding in the card adopts BPSK phase shift keying method with strong...
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  • Mifare DESfire EV1 Card

    Mifare DESfire EV1 Card
    -Highest security
    -It could be a card, a keyfob, a wristband etc, applied for bank, payment system and high security level access control.
    -It is close to CPU card and have a very high security capability.
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  • Blank PVC Cards With Chip

    Blank PVC Cards With Chip is a PVC-based material that contains microelectronic chips that can interact with data through a reader. It is suitable for applications with a large number of ports and fast communication speed requirements.
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