Pvc Card With Magnetic Stripe

pvc card with magnetic stripe

High-coercivity magstrips are harder to erase, and are more appropriate for cards that are frequently used or require extended life. Low-coercivity magstrips require a lower amount of magnetic energy to record, reducing their cost. Gift cards, loyalty cards, fundraising cards and membership cards typically utilize a LoCo magstrip. A magnetic stripe card reader can read either type of magnetic stripe.

PVC is the abbreviation of PVC material, which is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding a proper amount of antiaging agent, modifier, and so on, through mixing, calendering, vacuum suction and other technology. The production of intelligent visual card is to choose PVC material to achieve environmental protection, and the VIP card and some convenient cards used in daily life are made of the same material.

Magnetic Strip Card



ISO CR80 Standard: 85.5mm*54mm


0.88mm(±0.02) or customized


6g +/-0.5g

Standard color:

Colorful or blank


Glossy / Matte / Transparency/Frosted


Hico reader is not only can read Loco Card,but also can read Hico Card; Loco reader only can read Loco Card.


Electric ticket / Membership management / Car parking / Express way toll gate / Metro card / Anti-theft / Identification, etc etc.

Personazation or special craftLamination: Glossy, matt or frosted
For reprinting
Protection film on both sides
Signature panel
Scratch-off panel
UV coating
Thermal printing in black or silver color: for changing numbers or information
Laser engraving numbers
Metallic printing in gold or silver background
Embossing numbers or letters in silver or gold color
Barcode: 13 barcode, 128 barcode, 39 barcode, QR barcode, etc.
Magnetic stripe: Loco or Hico magnetic stripe
Key fob: can be snapped off to smaller pieces

  • There were a number of steps required to convert the magnetic striped media into an industry acceptable device. These steps included:

  • Creating the international standards for stripe record content, including which information, in what format, and using which defining codes.

  • Field testing the proposed device and standards for market acceptance.

  • Developing the manufacturing steps needed to mass-produce the large number of cards required.

  • Adding stripe issue and acceptance capabilities to available equipment.

  • Identitive Credentials provide an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution to your existing or new access control systems. Identiv Credentials offer universal compatibility with today’s most popular brands, making integration a simple process. The ISO style card is similar in size and thickness to a credit card and has the ideal surface to print custom artwork, images and photographs for identification. The cards feature 125 kHz LF technology, ISO compliance and a lifetime warranty.


  • LIFETIME WARRANTY :Cards include a lifetime material defects and workmanship warranty

  • PERFORMANCE : With its consistent read range and reliability, it is the popular choice for building access

  • GUARANTEED :Guaranteed to meet or exceed your existing card performance without the cost

  • COMPLIANT : Universal compatibility with most proximity readers

  • CARD IDENTIFICATION:No additional charge for printing serial numbers or facility codes

  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION :Easily integrates with existing card populations

  • CUSTOM PRINTING : Optional high quality four color artwork for ISO and clamshell credentials

  • DURABLE : Available in your choice of PVC and long life composite construction

    SCALABLE :Upgrade cards as time and budget permits

  • EXPRESS DELIVERY : Providing prompt, accurate and courteous service with an emphasis on speed

  • Applications: Club, visiting, promoting advertising, enterpriseson, , bank, traffic, insurance, super marketing, parking, school, access control, hospital, business, exhibition, organization, government, campus, entertainment, library management etc.

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