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Photo ID Card

Photo ID Card

Specification:Photo ID Card
Physical Dimension: 85.47mm-85.72mm
Thickness:0.45mm, 0.60mm, 0.70mm, 0.76mm...

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Specification of Photo ID Card







0.45mm, 0.60mm, 0.70mm, 0.76mm




6g +/-0.5g

Standard color:

Colorful or blank


Glossy / Matte / Transparency/Frosted




Size of Personal Photo should be integrate.

Prepare data excel, variable quantity and photo should be homologous.

Provide CDR Format.

Available Craft

Digital printing , Magnetic stripe , Bar code

Embossing Code; UV/ Flat Series No. printing;

Spray code; Laser code; Signature panel; Hole punch; Scratch-off;

Gold Stamping; Metallic finish; OR Code; Anti-fake label; UV coating etc.

Product Description

Photo ID cards play an important role in modern society. Whether it is a university ID card, a driver's license or a work permit, it can greatly improve overall security. Photo IDs play an important role in allowing people to be instantly identified, as most of them have clear pictures on the front of the person concerned - allowing them to quickly match the cardholder for instant identification.

Designed cards can be instantly previewed and proofed. Once the artwork is finalized the cards are sent for processing. Our team prints them using high-definition state of the art equipment which offers stunning, high quality, professionally looking ID badges. 

Product Features

Photo ID cards bring many benefits, but the most common is that they are a great way to prove proof of identity in many situations. As a business, if you're a large organization, they can easily identify your employees and help you enhance security. They can be easily used as a security card, and your employees can use these cards as they enter the building, which helps improve the overall safety of their employees.


1.Official license - including driver's license, truck license and heavy vehicle license

2.Student ID - these are the cards used in educational institutions to prove that the person is studying there.

3.Job identification - Photo ID card can be used to enter and leave work buildings as a form of identification

4.National ID Cards - These cards are used in many countries instead of passports and are used as identification.

Products Sample:

Package &Delivery:
Packaging Detail:200pcs/Box; 5/10/15/20/25 boxes per carton ; or Customized
Delivery Detail: 5-7workdays.

Craft Show:


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