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Smart Card Storage Is Small
Oct 11, 2017

1952 magnetic stripe card was born, because of its simple, Smart Card low cost and widely used in the financial, e-mail and aviation and other fields, the world's magnetic stripe card circulation has more than billions. But the magnetic stripe card in the application, with a small amount of information storage, save time is short, poor confidentiality and other shortcomings. In recent years,Smart Card  with the development of integrated circuits and the rise of IC card because of its confidentiality, storage capacity, and gradually replace the magnetic stripe card.

The concept of IC card is put forward in the early 1970s, France BULL (BULL) company in 1976 to create the first IC card products. In 1977, Motorola worked with one of its computer customers to develop a smart card that formed the first generation of smart card products. Smart Card 1979 produced the world's first chip designed specifically for smart cards, which formed the second generation of smart card products, and in France, Switzerland, Scandinavia to be applied, was mainly used in the field of bank cards The After entering the 20th century, 90 years, smart cards in the communications, health and transportation applications have begun to flourish.

Since the birth of the IC card, Smart Card from the memory card to the logic encryption and CPU card, from contactless IC card to non-contact IC card, from a small number of industries to multi-industry diffusion applications, from a single function to the continuous development of multi-function card Magnetic card, IC card has better confidentiality and greater storage capacity, can achieve more features, Smart Card IC card has been gradually replaced in a number of industries magnetic stripe card, a mainstream card type.

Smart card equipment industry with the development of smart card industry and the continuous development of innovation, smart card appearance traits, technology, applicable norms and standard requirements and other factors will change the production process will be a corresponding change, Smart Card resulting in smart card equipment replacement and upgrading , Driven by the smart card equipment industry, the expansion of market demand.

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