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Smart Card Safety
Jul 03, 2017

Non-contact IC card, Smart Card also known as RF card, by the IC chip, Smart Card sensor antenna, packaged in a standard PVC card, the chip and the antenna without any exposed part of the card in a certain distance range (usually 5-10cm) close to read and write Device surface, Smart Card through the transmission of radio waves to complete the data read and write operations.

Carrier frequency is 125KHz (THRC12) or 13.56MHz (THRC13); card to the reader to send data modulation for the load modulation; card data encoding using anti-interference ability BPSK phase shift keying; card to the card reader Data transfer rate of 3.9kbps (THRC12) or 6.62kbps (THRC13); data storage using EEPROM, Smart Card data retention time of more than 10 years; data storage capacity of 64, Smart Card including manufacturers, distributors and user code; card number before the card Can not be changed after writing, absolutely guarantee the uniqueness and security of the card number;

The CPU card is also called a microprocessor card or a smart card. The integrated circuits in the card include the central processing unit CPU, the erasure programmed read-only memory EEPROM random access memory RAM, and the read-only memory ROM with the firmware operating system COS. Smart Card The CPU card is equivalent to a microcomputer without a monitor and a keyboard.

Contact CPU card: support ISO / IEC7816T = 0/1 agreement, Smart Card the fuel industry IC card specifications, the traffic industry IC card specifications, social security industry, such as IC card specifications. Built-in hardware DES, 3DES, RSA coprocessor, data memory for the 8K-64K EEPROM, with high security.

Non-contact CPU card: support ISO / IEC1443TypeA / B communication requirements and PBOC2.0 financial IC card specifications. Built-in hardware DES, 3DES, RSA coprocessor, Smart Card data memory for the 8K-32K EEPROM, with high security.

The maturity of smart card technology has become an ideal solution for many industries to solve traditional problems. Today, smart cards play an increasingly important role in mobile communications, public transport, Smart Card medical security, identity recognition, security control, payment and so on. Extensive applications have contributed to the further development of smart card technology and industry.

With the development of science and technology, the application of smart cards is no longer limited to the field of early communication, is currently in the financial field, Smart Card transportation and other fields rush. Smart card using a wide range of continuous innovation, Smart Card the history of its development is the history of human civilization witness. Modern society almost all industries and fields are involved in smart card technology. Smart card and our lives in the end how much more closely related to see you go.

China's smart card development, from the mid-90s of last century began, after all the way triumph, in a variety of industry applications have a smart card figure.Smart Card Looking back in the past, people still clearly remember the last century, the late 90s, telecommunications cards on the industry market overwhelming swept. If the implementation of smart cards in the field of telecommunications is an industry application development, Smart Card then enter the new century, the residents of the second generation ID card renewal will be the development of smart cards to the first peak.

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