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Smart Card Production Efficiency
Jun 06, 2017

Smart card personalized security technology development and industrialization project belongs to the field of information technology, Smart Card the project developed a smart card from pre-personalized to personalized data flow, writing, testing and other processes of security technology, to achieve in the independent security environment of the test validation, decryption encryption and other smart card personalized production, greatly improving the efficiency of smart card production and personal information security.

Through optimizing individual operation process, Smart Card the project improves the controllability of personalized information and the reliability of product quality, and solves the difficult problem of personal information continuity. Pioneered in the standard SIM card based on the original packaging of a SIM card promoted to six and directly personalized production process, developed the corresponding Automation series equipment, greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production and transportation costs, Smart Card energy conservation and environmental protection.

"Smart card" is based on IC cards technology as the core, computer and communication technology as a means to the intelligent building within the facilities connected to an organic whole, the user through an IC card will be able to complete the usual keys, funds settlement, attendance and some control operations, such as using LC card to open the door, IC card dining, shopping, entertainment, meetings, Smart Card parking, patrol, office, charge services and other activities. Instead of carrying a heavy key to open the door, to the corresponding departments and other miscellaneous operations. The whole system can monitor and manage and make decisions according to the need of each department, and the local system and terminal can automatically collect and summarize the information collected for system query, summary, Smart Card statistic, management and decision. Through IC card can communicate with each other, not only to meet the independence of each function management, but also to ensure the consistency of the overall management. From different occasions can be divided into: Campus smart card, Community smart card, office Building smart card, Enterprise smart card, hotel smart card, intelligent building smart card and so on. According to the card type can be divided into: IC card (the most widely used), ID card (phase-out), CPU card (development trend

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