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Smart Card Need The Appropriate Database
Sep 22, 2017

1 Identify the customer's identity by distinguishing between the different users of the goods (divided into: 1 individual customers: the general purchase of goods on the Internet for their own or gifts like a small amount Of the customer as a function card

2 for large groups such as buy, Smart Card or enterprises to buy the corresponding products such customers

3 is divided into long-term purchase and sporadic customers


2 to provide customers with distinguished experience:

Customers who have different smart cards can enjoy discounts and services.

3 for the enterprise itself can better grasp the customer's information, Smart Card you can buy the product through the customer, in the send a message or the next time to send a message can be more targeted. This requires the support of the corresponding database.

Smart card process

1 smart card login experience

When you log in to the corresponding company's product interface after school, it will pop up the corresponding dialog box whether to connect the smart card, which is marked the user's level, Smart Card and can enjoy the benefits, etc., play a prompt role. Smart card is given by the company corresponding to the corresponding electronic identification, Smart Card there will be the corresponding number, login password. Whether the smart card reader is installed and the last time you are using a smart card or a password to log in or unlock the system. If the smart card is not installed and the user selects the smart card login icon, a message is displayed telling the user to connect to the smart card. When the smart card is connected, the Smart Card PIN dialog box is displayed. Smart Card If the user does not want to use the auto-login option (for example, when the smart card is not yet available), the second message allows the user to select from each login option.

Smart card service starts and stops behavior.

Smart card detection logic has been added to run smart card services only when appropriate. In Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, the smart card service (scardsvr) will automatically start when the user connects to the smart card reader and automatically stops when the user removes the smart card reader and no other smart card reader is connected to the computer. When the system is started, Smart Card if the card reader was previously connected to the computer, but the card reader is not currently connected to the system, the smart card service will start automatically. If a smart card reader is connected to a computer, the service is automatically shut down within one minute of the last API call to the smart card service. If the reader is never connected to the computer before, Smart Card the service will not restart.

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