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Smart Card Features
Sep 11, 2017

A simple combination of smart card and magnetic stripe card or a simple combination of RF card and contact card or a simple combination of either two of the low frequency card, high frequency card and UHF card and a simple combination of two kinds of high frequency card , Called complex card. Because do not share the chipset or COS, just simply put together.

For example: MF1 card (or ID card) and SLE4442 card combination, that is, RF card and contact card combination; ID card and MF1 card combination, that is, low frequency card and high frequency card combination; MF1 card (ID Card) and magnetic stripe card (low resistance to magnetic stripe or high resistance to magnetic stripe) combination, that is, RF card and magnetic stripe card combination. These combinations, the respective chip or coil or magnetic stripe are basically fragmented, but are installed on a card body, so called composite card.

Now, with the smart card applications more and more, and to avoid the replacement of the old system to meet a variety of special needs, improve the efficiency of the entire system, the use of composite cards gradually increased.

"Smart card" is based on IC card technology as the core, to computer and communication technology as a means of intelligent building within the facilities connected into an organic whole, the user through an IC card can complete the usual key, capital settlement , Attendance and some control operations, such as lC card to open the door, IC card dining, shopping, entertainment, meetings, parking, patrol, office, fees and other services. And do not have to carry more than the previous heavy key to open the door, to the corresponding department fees and other complicated operations. The whole system can monitor and manage the departments according to their needs. The local systems and terminals can automatically summarize the collected information for system query, aggregation, statistics, management and decision-making. Through the IC card can communicate with each other, both to meet the independence of the various functional management, but also to ensure the consistency of the overall management. From different occasions can be divided into: campus smart card, cell smart card, office building smart card, corporate smart card, the hotel smart card, intelligent building smart card and so on. According to the card type can be divided into: IC card (the most widely used), ID card (step out), CPU card (development trend)

What is the use of smart cards?

Functionally, the use of smart cards can be categorized as follows:

1. Identification - the use of microcomputer system containing the mathematical calculation of the data to confirm its uniqueness.

2. Payment tool - built-in counter (counter) to replace the currency, bonus points, etc., the number of data.

3. Encryption and decryption - the rapid development of the network situation, the use of e-commerce has grown substantially, some manufacturers said that the most important network is the identity of the authenticity of the integrity of the information, the transaction is undeniable and legitimacy, by Cryptographic mechanisms such as DES, RSA, MD5, etc., in addition to increase the security of the card, but also the use of offline operations to reduce the cost of communication on the network.

4. Information - due to the popularity of GSM mobile phones, SIM card demand surge, accelerate the development of smart cards, making the mobile phone from the original simple phone functions, extended to today's network connection and other functions. Its information storage function, it has a wide range of commercial applications such as:

Personal financial records

Bank competition is becoming more intense, in order to improve customer loyalty, and attract more new customers to join, the banks launched a variety of bonus concessions and improve customer service system, and by the use of smart cards, not only can reach 24 hours a day Free transfer function, and can reduce the banker and the customer's written operating procedures time. The market has a number of banks issued smart cards, and MasterCard and VISA two major credit card group is also about to re-smart card.

Medical record

Once the health care card IC, personal medical records can be stored in the chip, regardless of the hospital that treatment, can be informed of personal medical conditions, the doctor can immediately learn the patient's treatment records, the patient can also be exempt from the report fill in time , And reduce the hospital medical records file maintenance costs. In addition, the national identity card can be IC, and all personal identification information such as fingerprints, birthdays, personal files into the chip, but also as a passport, Singapore and the Malaysian government has begun to use.

Access control is important for businesses and schools. In addition to being used for general access control, smart cards can store small sums of money and cooperate with general stores to increase the functionality of cards. For example, a UK access control system manufacturer will use it Smart cards on the access control can also be applied to the ATM, it combines the access control and electronic wallet function.

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