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Smart Card Extremely Important
May 18, 2017

Smart card security system is a very important part of the smart card Cos, Smart Card it relates to the identification and verification of cards, including the power Smart Card control mechanism of the COS when accessing the file in the card, also relates to the confidentiality mechanism of information in the card. It can be argued that smart cards can be developed rapidly and become popular. One important reason is that it can provide a high security ttributes to the user through the Cos security system and the security mechanism (SECURITYMACHINAMS). Smart Card The security state is a state in which a smart card is currently in, which is obtained after a smart card has been completed reset or after a command has been processed. In fact, it is perfectly possible to think that smart cards are always in a state of such or in the whole process, and that the security state can usually be represented by a smart card that is currently met with a set of conditions. The security attribute is actually defining what you need to perform a command ... Some conditions, only the smart card satisfies these conditions, the command can be executed. Therefore, if you compare the current security state of a smart card to a security property of an operation, then it is easy to judge whether a command is allowed to execute under the current state of the comparison, thus reaching the security mechanism of the purpose of security control and the security status associated with the security attribute. The security mechanism can be considered as the transfer method and means used by the security state to realize the transfer, Smart Card usually including: the word identification, Smart Card the password identification, the data authentication and the data encryption. A security state that passes through these means can be transferred to another State, comparing this state to a security attribute, if consistent, the ability to execute the command corresponding to the attribute, which is the basic principle of the Cos security system.

From the above description of the working principle of cos security system, we can see that the implementation of security mechanism is an extremely important aspect of security system, Smart Card relative to security attribute and security state. Because there is no security mechanism, COS cannot do anything. And from the above security mechanism introduction, we can see that the security mechanism of COS is achieved by the following three functions: identification and verification, data encryption and decryption, file access security control. Smart Card Therefore, we will introduce them separately below. Among them, the security control of file access, because it is very close to the file manager, we put it into the filesystem to discuss.

Identification and verification: the identification and verification is actually two different concepts, but because they are very similar in the function of the realization, so we also discuss them, so it is conducive to grasp the two concepts in comparison.

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