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Smart Card Encryption Function
Oct 27, 2017

Smart card is a kind of IC card (integrated circuit card), Smart Card according to the embedded chip type is different, IC card can be divided into three categories: 1. Memory card: card integrated circuit is available to erase the programmable only Read memory EEPROM, Smart Card it only has data storage function, no data processing capabilities; memory card itself without hardware encryption, only in the file encryption, it is easy to be cracked.

 Smart IC Card -2. Logical Encryption Card: The IC's integrated circuits include cryptographic logic and programmable read-only memory EEPROM. Smart Card Encryption logic protects cards and data in the card to a certain extent, but only low-level protection, Can not prevent malicious attacks.

The smart card operating system is often referred to as the chip operating system COS. COS generally has its own security system, its safety performance is usually an important measure of COS technical indicators. COS functions include: transport management, file management, security systems, Smart Card command interpretation.

Card as an information carrier, of course, Smart Card to be properly kept to prevent loss and man-made damage. But also to avoid bending, painting, Smart Card pollution affect the image of the beautiful and normal use. For smart cards, be treated more carefully.

1, magnetic card - avoid wear, avoid close to the mobile phone and other magnetic objects or strong magnetic field to prevent degaussing.

2, ID thick card (commonly used in attendance, Smart Card canteen Shoufan RF card) - to avoid bending, oil, near heat, drilling, pressure smashed.

3, contact IC card - keep the card surface clean, flat, Smart Card do not fold; do not touch its metal chip to prevent static breakdown; away from high temperature, water, do not make the chip off; press the right direction card,

A smart card is a small plastic card with a computer chip. People use a smart card with a personal identification code (PIN) to log on to a network, computer, Smart Card or device. Using smart cards is more secure than using passwords because it is more difficult to steal a smart card and get a PIN than to get a password.

High-frequency shielding card is shielded technology with a signal board to shield the RFID signal, we will be high-frequency shielding card on the wallet or want to shield a card signal within the 3cm position, you can achieve the effect of shielding signals, Smart Card No matter what the lawless elements of equipment, can not steal your card information, to ensure safe carrying, to prevent information disclosure. High-frequency shielding card can be assigned LED lights, and no LED lights, such as with LED: When the lawless elements to carry a dedicated steal signal equipment close to your side, Smart Card the anti-theft card LED will be light, play a prompt role.

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