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Smart Card Development Of
Oct 19, 2017

With the development of science and technology, the application of smart cards is no longer limited to the field of early communication, is currently in the financial field, Smart Card transportation and other fields rush. Smart card using a wide range of continuous innovation, the history of its development is the history of human civilization witness. Modern society almost all industries and fields are involved in smart card technology

China's smart card development, from the mid-90s of last century began, after all the way triumph, in a variety of industry applications have a smart card figure. Smart Card Looking back in the past, people still clearly remember the last century, the late 90s, telecommunications cards on the industry market overwhelming swept. If the implementation of smart cards in the field of telecommunications is an industry application development, then enter the new century, the residents of the second generation ID card renewal will be the development of smart cards to the first peak.

Since the launch of the gold card project, the development of China's smart card business has been 24 years. In recent years, the phenomenon of more and more use of a card, Smart Card a variety of card applications more and more popular. In the future, smart card card technology will be more and more mature, after people's lives and consumption just use a card to be able to complete all the applications. Now, the main areas of smart card applications in China include: identification field, communication field, financial field, Smart Card card field and social security field, including bank IC card, city card, second generation ID card, residence permit, mobile communication card, social security card Is the most important application direction.

In the important application areas of things such as intelligent medical, intelligent transportation and finance and service industry. In the field of intelligent transportation, Smart Card the application of medical card and social security card can make the people seek medical treatment simple; in the field of intelligent transportation, expressway card and city card and other non-contact smart card to make traffic more convenient and more efficient; in the financial and services Areas, the issuance of bank IC cards can greatly improve the security of personal accounts. Now, bank IC card, city card, social security card, residence permit, Smart Card etc. has become a hot field of smart card market.

 With the accelerated pace of urban integration, the major cities have opened the city card project development, non-contact smart card has made a wide range of applications. The contactless smart card contains a micro antenna for reading and writing and exchanging information without contact. The emergence of non-contact technology makes it possible to apply smart card technology in the transportation field, Smart Card which can save time and improve efficiency in many applications (such as buses, subways, ferry, highway toll system, etc.) in the transportation industry. Smart Card Believe that with the "national bus city card interconnection" of the continuous development of the future will have more cities to join them, so that the real realization of the national card common. Smart Card IC card and public charges in the field of application of the close combination of the future will become a long time trend.

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