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Smart Card An Important Marketing Tool
Sep 22, 2017

Use process

After landing, the use of smart cards will continue until the end of the purchase of the user until the end of the purchase of goods in the process, Smart Card the smart card will remind the user to use the card for their own benefits and the use of security information in the warning role, such as Payment, rights and other aspects.

Off the assembly line

After the user is finished, the smart card will save the user's information and return to the corresponding level of the database which, and prompt the user whether the next login automatically.

Cost - benefit analysis

You can become an important marketing tool, Smart Card and now many companies are to the customer to issue or apply for membership cards or smart cards, with a view to improving business sales. Through the United States and excellent membership card, the user can query their own purchase records, and can scan the membership card on the computer card two-dimensional code, and can also correspond to SMS and other information corresponding to pay. And membership card has three levels of concessions (level: ordinary members; Smart Card two: senior members: three: Extreme members). Smart Card Three members correspond to different discount levels, and will be based on the members of the purchase records accumulated to a certain amount and upgrade to a higher level of membership. Through the use of membership cards can get more consumer information, which is more conducive to enterprise customer management and management. But at the same time, membership cards have their own inherent costs, such as membership card costs, Smart Card material costs, Smart Card membership card system hardware and software maintenance costs.


1. Member card material production costs;

2. Member card system hardware and software facilities to purchase or development and operating costs;

3. Training software operator costs, including the cost of managing member card staff;


You can provide membership card to share business, that is, Smart Card members of each period of time, for example, each month, you can be authorized by the membership card users, to provide permission to use other users membership card to obtain the benefits. However, Smart Card the number of orders for shared membership is limited, and the higher the membership card level, Smart Card the more offers you can offer. Membership card can give a certain consumer records of the user for free, into the threshold can be medium. Smart Card So you can master more information about customers and explore more potential users, the information may be in the expected future will bring a lot of profit margins.

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