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RFID Tag Working Principle
May 18, 2017

The common working frequency of high frequency labels is 13.56MHz, and its working principle is basically the same as low frequency label, and is passive label. RFID Tag The working energy of the label is obtained by the inductive coupling method, and the reading distance is generally less than 1 meters from the radiation near field of the reader-coupling coil.

High-frequency labels can easily be made into a card structure, typical applications have electronic RFID Tag identity identification, electronic tickets, RFID Tag as well as campus card and access control system identification cards. Our second generation ID card is embedded in the ISO/IEC14443B standard 13.56MHz RFID Tag RFID chips.

High frequency and microwave RFID tags

UHF and microwave segments RFID tags are usually referred to as "microwave tags", typical UHF working frequencies are 860MHz~928MHz, and micro-band working frequencies are 2.45GHz~5.8GHz. Microwave labels mainly have passive labels and active labels. The frequency of microwave passive labels is mainly in 902MHz~928MHz; the frequency of microwave RFID Tag active labels is mainly in 2.45GHz~5.8GHz. RFID Tag The microwave labels work in the Far field area radiated by the reader antenna.

Due to the UHF and microwave electromagnetic wave, one of the important characteristics is: the distance transmission, UHF and microwave radiation wave diffraction capacity is weaker, the sending antenna and receiving antenna between the object can not be blocked. Therefore, RFID Tag the UHF and microwave segment RFID tags for the reader antenna is designed to be directed antenna, only the antenna directional beam within the range of electronic tags can be read and write. The Transmitter Antenna radiation field provides energy for passive labels, the working distance of passive labels is greater than 1 meters, and the typical value is 4~7 meters. RFID Tag The reader antenna sends read and write instructions to the active label, and the source label sends the label store identification information to the reader. The maximum working distance of a source label can exceed 100 metres.

Microwave labels are generally used for long-distance recognition and fast moving objects recognition. For example, near-distance communication and industrial control, RFID Tag logistics, railway transport identification and management, and the expressway non-stop electronic toll (etc) system.

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