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RFID Tag The Development Of Supplies
Oct 27, 2017

Security is not a fresh word. The protection of the patent when the rise of the security. But when the fake and shady goods are flooding the market. Security has become a necessity. RFID Tag Nowadays. Security in the bar code label or packaging applications have exceeded the above requirements. Also implies the following meaning.

(1) highlight the merchandise. Personalized, RFID Tag especially when there are multiple substitutes for similar goods in the market;

(2) show the latest manufactured goods. Even if the nature of the goods has not changed. But after a sticker label or packaging to become a new commodity.

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, RFID Tag the chemical industry has been rapid development. The traditional counter-style sales completely to the shelf-type change, more stores, supermarkets, convenience stores have sprung up, consumers directly face an array of shelves, so "shelf effect" is particularly prominent. According to a foreign survey, nearly 80% of consumers have a random purchase behavior, that is, before shopping will not list a clear shopping list or designated brand, RFID Tag so the product can be beautiful unique packaging to attract the eye, from Dazzling array of shelves stand out and become the most important way to express their favor whether or not they can win the favor of consumers in the shopping basket. RFID Tag And stickers as a label, relative to other ways can be more beautiful to reflect the requirements of exquisite labels.

 Self-adhesive labels in the development of the industry and a variety of daily chemical products are closely related. Shampoo, shower gel, cleanser, hand sanitizer, RFID Tag laundry liquid, softener and other daily chemical products continue to introduce new, there will be more matching form of packaging, the use of a substantial increase in the label.

The previous cans are very "cold", RFID Tag very stiff, and today's bottles tend to be more transparent, soft, resistant to extrusion, but also to give more human design, which require the use of a variety of materials Dry rubber label can be better combined with the bottle, get the overall effect of exquisite beauty.

As more multinationals enter the Chinese market to compete and their local implementation of the global strategy, many products and bar code labels will be procured from the original US or European purchases to China, RFID Tag and multinationals will move the entire Asia Pacific region Even the focus of global procurement on China. This not only to China's self-adhesive label market opportunities, RFID Tag but also to China's own brand to a great demonstration effect, but also to promote the current printing industry to improve their own quality and service levels, continuous technological innovation, followed trend.

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