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RFID Tag-So That Every Piece Of Clothing You Wear Has Its Own Identity Card
Sep 04, 2017

RFID refers to the non-contact automatic identification technology, also known as electronic tags. It can be in the absence of staff operation, through the RF signal automatically identify the target object and obtain the relevant data, RFID system consists of a reader and a lot of transponders (tags), RFID reader through the antenna and RFID tags for wireless communication , You can read or write the operation tag identification code and memory data and information. RFID technology can also identify high-speed moving objects, and can identify multiple labels at the same time, quick and easy operation.

RFID + clothing industry a lot of benefits?

As we all know, the garment industry is a set of R & D design, production and sales in one industry, in these areas cost a lot of manpower and capital costs, such as inventory consolidation, design information storage and inspection, sales staff and other issues There is a huge cost of resources and waste. Based on these problems, the application of RFID technology in garment enterprises can effectively reduce the cost of human resources, thereby reducing the cost of capital, and greatly improve its efficiency.

According to the United States said, compared to before, RFID technology applications make the finished product supply chain storage review of human costs fell by 73%, efficiency increased to 250%. Warehouse out of the library review link, labor costs fell 82%, efficiency increased to 175%.

Do buyers wear RFID clothes only for cool?

For consumers, RFID technology also provides a very convenient way to buy their own, such as the retail store to install an RFID reader, consumers can independently through the form of RFID tags to check their own products Of the other colors, numbers and prices and other aspects of the situation, you can also real-time understanding of their favorite products sales. This will not only meet the needs of consumers relaxed and independent shopping, but also reduce the retail sales burden.

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