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RFID Tag Change Life
Sep 11, 2017

RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which automatically identifies the target through the RF signal and obtain the relevant data, identification work without human intervention, can work in a variety of harsh environments. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can simultaneously identify multiple electronic tags, quick and easy operation, frequent use in the supermarket.

Testing and measurement methods

As the adhesive in the actual use will be subject to a variety of stress test, we will be in the laboratory will be tested to ensure the quality of bonding. Common practice is to test the production of RFID equipment with production equipment. Chip positioning situation we can detect through the visual system, the performance of the label can be tested by the card reader system.

In addition to these production equipment comes with a quick test method, there are more detailed follow-up test method, used to test the quality of bonding.

Shear force of the chip: the use of shear force testing machine tool from the substrate on the chip away. In shear testing, the ideal value for adhesive, chip and substrate adhesion should be no less than 25 N / mm2.

Adhesive Degree of Curing: DSC analysis (differential scanning calorimetry) can be used to detect whether the adhesive is fully cured within the selected parameter range. The test method can reflect the abnormal time due to the short curing time or the temperature is too low.

Micrographs: Micrographs of chips and substrates show the extent to which the chip and its bumps are pushed into the antenna. Insufficient pressure will lead to poor chip contact, too much pressure will lead to chip or substrate damage.

Determine the reading distance: In this test, keep the card reader power unchanged, the label will continue to stay away from the reader until the reader error. Or continue to increase the card reader power, until the label began to send data; in this case, the distance between the label and the reader has been set in advance.

change life

For electronic tags, also known as radio frequency identification technology. With the continuous progress of society, the continuous development of science and technology and the accelerated pace of life, people in their lives in more respects require a simple and quick way, electronic tags came into being. Nowadays electronic tags have been widely used in the daily life of modern people.

In many large cities, take the rail transit, you only need to buy a one-way ticket with an electronic label, you can easily transfer between the different lines; in the library library, you do not have to find a library administrator for borrowing Procedures, and only by automatically borrowing the system to enter the password, and then easily borrow the books you want; in many hypermarkets and supermarkets, RFID tags can effectively prevent someone from trying to keep the goods without payment. In the hospital, the application of electronic tags is more extensive. For example, the birth of the baby looks very similar, it is likely to cause the wrong baby misunderstanding, television or often have a few decades ago, the hospital nurses or parents hold the wrong child happened, resulting in a lot of family tragedy Can accurately identify the identity to avoid mistakes. In addition, there are electronic medical records, through it, doctors, nurses in the rounds can clearly know the patient's medication situation. So that not only the work of health care workers will be orderly, medical personnel and family members can also avoid a lot of trouble.

The widespread use of RFID tags brings a lot of convenience to people's lives and believes that in the near future they will be applied to more and more useful places. At that time, our lives will be better, people can save a lot of time to do more meaningful things

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