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RFID Tag Applications
Aug 02, 2017

RFID, which is characterized by automatic identification, RFID Tag non-contact, RFID Tag reusable and high security, is the ideal physical carrier of EPC coding system. The application of EPC coding information RFID tag in garment field can effectively solve the current clothing commodity management process In the existence of low efficiency, high cost, to achieve clothing goods in the design and manufacturing, RFID Tag storage management, sales and other aspects of information sharing, the whole process of management and real-time monitoring.

With the development and application of Internet of Things technology, it is a reality to manage and track the circulation of goods all over the world. RFID Tag Internet of things is based on computer networks, RFID Tag the use of radio frequency identification technology to achieve the automatic identification of goods and information sharing. Among them, the radio frequency identification label can store a large number of norms, security, standards and interoperability of information, through the wireless network to achieve information collection and identification, information exchange and sharing, to achieve the "transparent" management of goods. At present, the garment enterprises or the use of traditional technology to manage the circulation of clothing goods and tracking, RFID Tag its efficiency is low, the cost is higher. And if the clothing goods in the circulation process problems, it is difficult to trace its source and circulation. Will be the existing clothing logo with RFID tags instead of clothing enterprises for clothing production, warehousing, supply and sales to provide more scientific and standardized management, will further optimize the clothing circulation process to provide circulation efficiency, RFID Tag can effectively save the cost of clothing, Enhance the clothing brand effect. At the same time, RFID Tag you can also eliminate the clothing sales area and international trade fortress, RFID Tag to achieve the exchange of clothing information resources and sharing for the garment industry, large-scale, efficient development to provide a good environment.

Radio frequency identification technology (RadioFrequency Identification, RFID) is a wireless communication technology to automatically identify specific targets and read and write relevant data technology, RFID Tag with automatic identification, non-contact, fast read and write, small and diverse, reusable, RFID Tag information storage Large quantity, high security and so on. It is mainly composed of transponder, reader, application software system, in which the transponder (RFID tag) is composed of antenna, coupling components and chips. The memory area of the RFID tag should include the label identification area, the item identification area, RFID Tag the user data area and the 64-bit reserved area; the reader is composed of an antenna, a coupling element, a chip, a device that reads or writes the tag information; the application software system is Collect and process a variety of data services applications within RFID tags.

The RFID tag standard specifies the representation of data in labels, reader-to-application software systems. ISO / IEC 15961 specifies the interface between the reader and the application software system, ISO / IEC 15962 specifies the data encoding, compression , RFID Tag Logical memory mapping format, ISO / IEC 24753 extended ISO / IEC 15962 data processing capability, ISO / IEC 15963 specification electronic label unique identification of the coding standards. RFID tag air interface communication protocol is to regulate the reader and electronic tags between the information exchange, the purpose is to achieve different manufacturers of equipment between the interoperability. RFID Tag To this end, ISO / IEC developed five bands of air interface protocol.

Garment industry chain is composed of design and manufacturing, warehousing management, sales and other aspects of the garment industry chain enterprises to use the purchase order, RFID Tag warehouse management, sales and other systems, basically through manual data import methods to collect clothing goods identification information, Basic attribute information, state information, resulting in low efficiency, is not conducive to the entire garment industry chain data sharing, mining, management and so on. RFID Tag Clothing products using EPC logo specifications, you can let the clothing industry chain links to the user's clothing to share the identification information and product basic attribute information for manufacturers, vendors, RFID Tag customers to provide information query, analysis and collection, to achieve clothing from production to sales The whole process of tracking and monitoring.

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