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RFID Reader-Writer With The Use Of
Oct 19, 2017

The use of electronic tags for intelligent warehouse cargo management, effectively solve the storage of cargo information management. For large storage base, the management center can be real-time understanding of the location of goods, cargo storage situation, for improving storage efficiency, RFID Reader-Writer feedback product information, guide production has a very important significance. RFID Reader-Writer Which the application of a variety of forms, you can put the electronic label on the goods, by the forklift reader and warehouse corresponding position on the reader to read and write; RFID Reader-Writer can also be used in conjunction with bar code and electronic tags.

The establishment of strict and orderly channels, efficient management of Invoicing is the strong demand of many enterprises. Products in the production process embedded in electronic tags, which contains the only product number, manufacturers can use the monitor to monitor the flow of products, wholesalers, RFID Reader-Writer retailers can use the manufacturers to provide the reader to identify the legitimacy of the product.

RFID systems generally include radio frequency tags, RFID Reader-Writer readers and computer systems in three parts. The radio frequency tag is a data carrier of a radio frequency identification system and is an electronic device mounted on a recognized object and storing information on the identified object. A reader is an electronic device that uses radio frequency technology to read radio frequency identification tag information or write information to a tag. RFID Reader-Writer Readers read the label information through the computer and network systems for management and information transmission. Radio frequency identification system, the computer communication network is the data management and communication transmission equipment.

RFID system is composed of information carrier and information acquisition device. RFID system where the radio frequency tag is the data carrier; the reader is the reading device of the tag information. RF tags and readers through the coupling element to achieve the RF signal of the air coupling, RFID Reader-Writer in the coupling channel, according to the timing relationship, to achieve energy transfer, data exchange.

From the circuit implementation point of view, the reader can be divided into two parts, namely: RF module and baseband module. RFID Reader-Writer The module is mainly composed of modulation and demodulation circuit module and antenna, the main function has two, one is to realize the reader to send the RF tag command to the RF signal, through the transmitting antenna sent to the radio frequency tag, and radio frequency tag In response to the radio frequency signal on which it is illuminated. The second is to achieve the RF tag back to the reader's echo signal processing, RFID Reader-Writer and demodulation from the RF tag to send out the data.

The default IP address set by the reader is factory:, as long as the IP address of the PC and the IP address of the reader in the same network segment, such as "192.168.0.XXX" and the reader can be reliable Connection, if you forget the IP address of the reader, please find a RS-232 serial interface PC to the IP address of the reader to reset.

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