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RFID Keyfob Technical Field
Aug 17, 2017

    RFID key rings belong to the field of RFID technology, including key rings, hanging pieces, hanging pieces hanging from the key ring, and the attached pieces are equipped with RFID electronic tags.The RFID electronic tag consists of a chip and an inductor coil connected to a chip.The shape of the hanging piece is a cuboid, the length of the hanging piece is 5-6cm, the width is 3-5cm, and the thickness is 0.3-0.6cm.The pendant is cortical.

The outer diameter of the key ring is 3-4cm.The perimeter of the wall is wired and RFID electronic tags are placed in the middle of the line.This invention simple reasonable structure, easy manufacturing, easy to use, improves the existing key chain, on the whole, RFID key chain of the present invention includes a key ring, pendant, hang hang on a key ring, the RFID electronic tag is set inside the widget, use, only need will RFID key pendant part against the card reader reading devices such as chips can scan the RFID electronic tag data, and implement the RFID electronic tag corresponding role

It is a kind of non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and obtains relevant data through the radio frequency signal. It can work in all kinds of hostile environments without human intervention.RFID technology can identify high speed moving objects and can recognize multiple labels simultaneously.

The basic working principle of FID technique is not complicated: the Tag into the magnetic field, after receiving the rf signal from the reader, with energy gained by the induction current send product information stored in the chip (Passive Tag, Passive tags or Passive tags), or take the initiative to send a frequency signal (Active Tag, Active tags or Active tags).The reader reads the information and decodes it and sends it to the central information system for data processing.

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