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RFID Keyfob Taste And Individuality
May 18, 2017

There are metals, leather, RFID Keyfob plastics, birch skins, etc. A key ring is a decorative item hanging on a keychain. To the key to choose to match their favorite key buckle, not only can embody the individual tastes and individuality, also can bring oneself happy mood. A wide variety of key chain, such as cartoon modelling, brand modelling, miniature object modelling and so on, the quality is also many, RFID Keyfob such as copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic system and so on. RFID Keyfob The keychain can also be made for a small gift to a friend or oneself, expressing your heart.

The most popular materials in the market are:

1, PVC soft plastic key buckle, RFID Keyfob can be plastic-shaped strong, according to the size and shape you want to customize, open die fees are generally not too expensive, jewelry shop this material most;

2, Acrylic key buckle, also is plexiglass, RFID Keyfob imported materials and domestic materials, hollow and solid, is transparent, in the middle can be colored paper into;

3, Zinc alloy key buckle, zinc alloy is one of the more malleable metals;

4, Leather set lamp key buckle, RFID Keyfob with leather sewn up, split leather, imitation leather, Pu, in the middle of a small lamp also inlay a keychain, night or dark places can also be used for lighting;

5, Solar key ring, RFID Keyfob the middle of the solar panels, sunlight, the inside of the pattern can be a bright dark; ABS three-dimensional keychain

ABS Stereo Keychain Atlas

6, ABS material three-dimensional key buckle, open a injection molding, with ABS injection molding, and then color, because the cost of the open die teaching high, the number of general do good.

7. Birch Peel Keychain

Key buckle is the use of pure natural birch bark made by hand, RFID Keyfob laser printing with a variety of world famous car Che Biao, country name, factory names, car names, English car name, product compact and exquisite, is a kind of environmentally friendly and unique, very ideal practical decoration, with some key buckle compared to it has a remarkable characteristics, is not easy to wear the front dashboard and leather, not hurt car, both novel and avantgarde, and inexpensive, is the new trend of handicrafts gifts.

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