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NFC Tag What Is The
Sep 20, 2017

NFC tag is a very thin like a piece of paper, which is the coil, you can use with the function of NFC mobile phones or computers, to the NFC tags inside write data, for example, if you write an address, telephone number, write well, next time you want to open this web site or dial the telephone number you write in time, you just put the NFC tags and your mobile NFC induction area, the address or telephone number will automatically appear on your phone, very convenient. Still have a very good use is that you can pass some NFC software, the NFC tags programming, like is to record, for example, when you're ready to drive, you need to put into mobile vehicle model, and then open the bluetooth, etc., after a NFC tags, you can take these steps recorded by NFC application step by step into the NFC tags, so every time you begin to drive just put the NFC tags into the phone, automatically finish the above Settings.

In a nutshell, NFC is an RFID technology improved with RFID. Definition and use of areas have certain difference, these two technologies from birth until now, the development has reached the perfect level, being widely used, is extending more.

The difference between RFID and NFC

The NFC tag is developed on the basis of RFID tags, and NFC is not much different from RFID in nature, and is based on the signal transmission between two objects of similar geographical location.

But still have difference between NFC and RFID, NFC technology increase the point to point communication function, can quickly established between bluetooth devices of P2P (peer-to-peer) wireless communication, NFC device to find each other and to establish a communication connection. The two devices of P2P communication are equivalent, while the two sides of RFID communication are the main slave relationship.

Some differences in technical details:

Compared with RFID technology, NFC has some features such as close proximity, high bandwidth and low energy consumption. Details:

1.NFC is only limited to the frequency band of 13.56 MHz! The frequency range of RFID is low frequency (125KHz to 135KHz), high frequency (13.56MHz) and uhf (860MHz to 960MHz).

2. Effective distance of work: NFC (less than 10cm, so it has high security), RFID range from a few meters to dozens of meters!

3. For the same work at 13.56 MHz, NFC compatible with existing contactless smart card technology, so a lot of manufacturers and related groups support NFC, and RFID standard, unified complex (uniform) estimation is not possible, only under the special industries with special needs, the corresponding technical standards!

4. Application: RFID is more used in production, logistics, tracking and asset management, while NFC plays a huge role in the areas of access control, public transport and mobile payment

NFC, popular point said, is based on RFID technology developed a near-field payment technology, such as mobile phones have NFC, is equivalent to a electronic wallet, mobile phones near the deduction machine, you can replace your usual consumption to a credit card, cash, etc. Mainly applied to mobile payment, mobile literacy.

Differences between RFID and NFC definition:

1. RFID is a non-contact identification technology, divided into active and passive. The main idea is that RFID readers emit radio frequency, electronically tagged coils, generating signals that reader reads and decodes to complete the identification process. Usually, active tags can also be active. The RFID system consists mainly of Reader and Transponder.

It automatically identifies the target object and obtains relevant data through the radio frequency signal. It can work in all kinds of hostile environments without human intervention. RFID technology can identify high speed moving objects and can recognize multiple labels simultaneously.

2, NFC technology on a mobile phone is widely applied in recent years, mainly between two NFC device, comes in quite close close, mutual information to each other, and complete the corresponding transactions, and other functions. The biggest feature of NFC is the integration of readers and transponders into the same chip. It can meet the information exchange, content access, service exchange of any two wireless devices, and make it more simple.

The relationship between the two is that NFC is considered a subset of RFID, that is, RFID is NFC within 10cm or 4inch. This difference is mainly due to the, cash, credit CARDS in some design applications, RFID communication distance, other devices can also receive personal RFID information and unsafe factors; That's why the NFC came up with it. If some special signal acquisition devices are used, RFID information NFC can be read at a considerable distance. RFID can send and receive information within a few meters and NFC only allows a safe distance of 10 cm. RFID has a wide range of applications and NFC is only used when it needs to be safe; Many phones have been equipped with NFC devices.

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