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NFC Tag Various Usage
Sep 04, 2017

If you think NFC (approach communication) can only be used in Google Wallet or MasterCard PayPass it is wrong, because the use of NFC can be far more than that.

With the increase in the number of NFC mobile phones, NFC tags are increasingly becoming a common way to use this emerging technology. However, many Android users are still not sure how to use these tags. So now try using these innovative ways to use your NFC tags.

At home

Paste the NFC label on the door, set it to do something like: turn on Wi-Fi, dim light, turn off Bluetooth or auto sync. With the NFC Task Launch application, you can set the label as a "switch", so when you leave the room you can touch the label again to change these settings (such as turn off Wi-Fi)

When driving

Place the NFC label near the dashboard or the middle of the dashboard, set it to turn off Wi-Fi, turn up the volume or turn on the Bluetooth (phone). If your phone and car speakers connected, you can set the label to open applications such as Pandora.

prepare to work

Place the NFC label on the surface of the table, set it to dim the light, turn off the sound, turn on Wi-Fi or auto sync. According to their own preferences, you can also set it to enter the music application, open daily matters, and even landing Foursquare. If you set the label as a switch, then you can touch it again when you leave it off.

Bedside cabinets

You can also put the label on the bedside cabinet and set it to turn off the sound, turn on the alarm, turn off auto sync, turn off the lights to remind and turn off the light.

Not known for the use and unique ideas

Connect to Wi-Fi

If you want home (or office) guests to use Wi-Fi without having to give them a password, you might use InstaWifi. This free Android application allows you to set up NFC tags so that mobile phones or mobile devices can connect to Wi-Fi by touching NFC devices.

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