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NFC Tag Show
Jul 25, 2017

NFC tags can do what

Mobile phone NFC label is usually displayed in a thin patch form to the user, NFC Tag it can be affixed to any location in the room, bedside table, desk, NFC Tag computer desk and made into a digital business card to carry, and then we open the phone NFC, the phone Touch with it to achieve the set of specific function options.

These function options are set by the user and support secondary modification. For example, we can use the NFC patch to achieve mobile phone scene application, NFC Tag sleep or working hours will start the phone's silent mode and turn on the vibration function or driving automatically open GPS and navigation applications, NFC Tag it seems NFC and patch labels can be We have a lot of trouble.

Tag to achieve rapid switching of the scene

In general, as long as the NFC function of the phone can achieve the scene of the application, but most of the phone does not come with NFC tag write function of the application, NFC Tag then we need to download and install the market by the App, the general In the market in the NFC tag tool for the keyword search, you can find a variety of similar applications, they are mostly built a simple command, NFC Tag the installation can be used (recommended NFC Task Launcher finished version).

NFC Task Launcher biggest feature is that it can be on the profile can be written, such as sleep NFC tags can be set to turn off WiFi and turn off the data connection and reduce the amount of mobile phone, etc., NFC label scene mode control is more free, NFC Tag Regardless of time constraints, such as the normal case of working days and holidays, different sleep time, time profile can not distinguish between when you sleep. NFC Tag And through the bed before going to bed scan NFC label, you can accurately open the mute, alarm clock and other modes.

First enter the application of the main interface, the screen will display the middle we have prepared a good NFC task, click the upper right corner of the "+", add a new task. In the pop-up page, the system provides "NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi" three connections, we can see that this application also supports Bluetooth and WiFi way to control the phone settings. Click on the NFC option to enter the new task interface, NFC Tag the task contains the name of the label and related operations, and now we can modify the label name, click the "Add Action" button, the system will pop up the operation list page, where there are detailed operational items , NFC Tag Including wireless and network, voice display, phone information, applications and shortcuts, etc., NFC Tag we select the action item after it is added to the task. NFC Tag At this time a simple NFC task is set up, click on the upper left corner of the "Save and Write" to start the NFC tag write action.

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