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NFC Tag Performance Parameters And Elements
Aug 10, 2017

The NFC label is a passive device that can be used to communicate with an active NFC device (active NFC reader). Tags can be used in applications, such as posters, and other storage of small amounts of data and transfer to an active NFC device. NFC Tag In the poster, the part that works can be used to make the contact point of the active device.

NFC tags contain stored data in any form, NFC Tag but are typically used to store URLs (URLs) for NFC devices to find further information. The amount of data required is low and NFC tags are available.

To define the communication between an active NFC reader and a passive label, the NFC Forum launched its first standard technical architecture and NFC compliance standards in June 2006, including: NFC Data Interchange Format (NDEF), three record type definitions (RTD) for smart posters, text, NFC Tag and Internet resource reading applications.

There are four basic label types defined, with 1 to $number identified, each with different formats and capacities. These label type formats are based on ISO 14443 A and B type, Sony FeliCa, the former is an international standard for contactless smart cards, and the latter conforms to the ISO 18092 passive communication mode standard.

NFC tags are passive devices that do not require power. When used, NFC Tag users are contacted with devices that have NFC capabilities. tags from the reader to obtain a very small power-driven label circuit, the small amount of information transferred to the reader.

Data in the tag memory is passed to devices with NFC capabilities. Although the amount of data is small, NFC Tag it may be directed to a Web address (URL), or to a small number of text, other data.

Label design and manufacturing need to be considered in many ways. The label is for a large, very low-cost manufacturing, while maintaining performance. The following are several key performance parameters and elements to consider when designing labels:

Read speed: Speed is important because you need to transmit all the data contained in the label when two NFC devices are approaching. If the label data is slow, NFC Tag there is a risk of not being able to complete transmission and poor reliability. The result is that users who do not understand the technology lose confidence if they have to repeat multiple times to be effective. NFC Tag The first class of NFC tags allows all data blocks (block) to be transferred, keeping the read performance of the label.

Wafer size: In the label design, the wafer size (die size) is of particular importance. Smaller size, lower cost and less conspicuous labels (important for use in posters). NFC Tag Smaller memory naturally results in smaller wafer size.

Unit Price: Since the target application of NFC tags is very low cost (for example, for smart posters), unit Price is an extremely important factor in label design. Here, NFC Tag the cost is critical. Label costs are influenced by a number of factors, including the complexity of the integrated circuit with memory size and additional features. NFC Tag Simplify the memory and features as much as possible, and the cost can be lowered.

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