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NFC Tag Device
Jul 12, 2017

The NFC tag is a passive device that can be used to communicate with an active NFC device (active NFC reader). NFC Tag Labels can be used within applications, such as posters, NFC Tag and other storage of small amounts of data and transmission to active NFC devices. In the poster, NFC Tag the active part can be used as the touch point for the active device. The same time as the above-

NFC tags contain stored data in any form, NFC Tag but are generally used to store URLs (URLs) for NFC devices to find further information. The amount of data required is small, so you can use NFC tags

To define the communication between active NFC readers and passive tags, NFC Tag the NFC Forum launched its first standard technology architecture and NFC compliance device standards in June 2006, including the NFC Data Interchange Format (NDEF), Three types of record definitions (RTD) for intelligent poster, text, NFC Tag and Internet resource reading applications.

There are four basic tag types defined, numbered 1 to 4, each with a different format and capacity. The basis of these tag type formats is: ISO 14443 A and B types, Sony FeliCa, NFC Tag the former is the international standard for contactless smart cards, while the latter conforms to the ISO 18092 passive communication mode standard.

Type 1 Tag: This type is based on the ISO14443A standard. NFC Tag This type of tag has the ability to read and rewrite, and the user can configure it as read-only. NFC Tag Storage capacity of 96 bytes, used to save URL URL or other small amount of data rich enough. However, memory can be expanded to 2k bytes. The communication speed of this type of NFC tag is 106 kbit / s. This type of label is simple, NFC Tag so cost-effective, suitable for many NFC applications. The same time as the above-

Category 2 Tag: This tag is also based on ISO14443A and has the ability to read and rewrite, and the user can configure it as read-only. The basic memory size is 48 bytes, NFC Tag but can be expanded to 2k bytes. The communication speed is also 106 kbit / s. The same time as the above-

Category 3 Tag: This type of label is based on the Sony FeliCa system. Currently has 2k bytes of memory capacity, data communication speed of 212 kbit / s. NFC Tag So the label is more suitable for more complex applications, although the higher cost. The same time as the above-

Category 4 Tag: This tag is defined to be compatible with ISO14443A, NFC Tag B standards. It is pre-programmed to be readable / rewritable, or read-only. Memory capacity of up to 32k bytes, communication speed between 106 kbit / s and 424 kbit / s between.

NFC tags are passive devices that do not require power. NFC Tag In use, the user is in contact with the device with the NFC function. Tag from the reader to get a small power-driven label circuit, the small amount of information transmitted to the reader. The same time as the above-

The data in the tag memory is passed to the NFC-enabled device. NFC Tag Although the amount of data is small, it may be to direct the device to a URL (URL), or a small amount of text, other data.

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