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NFC Tag All Kinds Of Usage
Sep 05, 2017

If you think that NFC can only be used for Google wallet or mastercard PayPass, the NFC can be used for much more than that.

As the number of NFC phones has grown, NFC tags have become increasingly common to use this emerging technology. However, many android users still don't quite know how to use the tags. Now try using your NFC tags in these innovative ways.

Various USES of NFC tags

When at home

Attach the NFC tag to the door and set it to do things like open wi-fi, dim light, disable bluetooth or sync automatically. With NFC Task Launch app, you can set the TAB to "switch" so that when you leave the house you can touch the tag again to change the Settings (such as turning off wi-fi)

While driving

Place the NFC label near the dashboard or in the middle of the control panel, and set it to turn off the wi-fi, crank up the volume or turn on the bluetooth (cell phone). If your phone is connected to your car's horn, you can set up tabs to open apps like Pandora.

Ready to work

Place the NFC tag on the surface of the table and set it to dim the light, turn off the sound, turn on wi-fi or automatically synchronize. Depending on your preferences, you can also set it up for music applications, open everyday items, or even go to Foursquare. If you set the label to a switch, you can then touch it again when you leave it to close the previous activity.

Bedside table

You can also put the label on the bedside table and set it to turn off the sound, turn on the alarm, turn off the automatic sync, turn off the lights, and turn down the light.

Not knowing how to use and unique ideas

Connected wi-fi

If you want your home (or office) guests to use wi-fi instead of a password, you might use InstaWifi. This free android app lets you set up NFC tags, which can connect to wi-fi by touching NFC devices.

Automatically turn on the timer

Have you ever turned on the washing machine and forgot when you left? Put a label on the washer or dryer to start the timer.

Quickly open specific Evernote notes

Touchanote is a free app that won prizes in the notebook developer contest. Use it to set tags to connect to specific notes directly. Their demonstrations include setting up labels to open the items to be done or opening the label to the product to open the product description.

NFC key chain

On the existing key chain with NFC tags, or online customization a NFC key chains, setting it for often, achieving what you do, can be turn on the mobile phone into a hot spot patterns or favorite songs.

Possible USES for the future

The NFC scheme can make our life more convenient, so it will be more widely used in the future. Here are a few examples:

Open the door

What's surprising is that this technology is already there, but it's still not widely used. Lockitron developed an easy-to-install system that allows you to unlock the door with a flick of your phone at the door handle. If you have family or friends who want to walk through the door, you can also open doors for them at great distances. But the $295 price tag is an obstacle.

Bluetooth match

Soon we'll be able to see a bluetooth or wi-fi speaker with built-in NFC. With them, the phone or mobile device can match up with the speaker. This scheme has been gradually emerging, such as Google's music transmission device Nexus Q and NFC.

Safer online shopping

One of the notable USES of NFC is to make shopping online safer. For example, connect a small NFC device to a laptop. User before shopping must brush NFC card on the connected devices, is not the same as in the past is that users do not need to enter your password, but before finish the shopping in credit card (or phone) gestures.

Travel with NFC

Last year, sas introduced a popular program called "smart passport," which sends regular NFC tags to regular customers. The tags are attached to the back of the phone, which not only replaces the boarding pass, but also allows the customers to take priority security and even enter the VIP terminal.

Future, when more and more customers have NFC mobile phones, airport, activity center, gym, movie theaters and more places will be investment in the facilities, to make the customer can use NFC mobile phones instead of paper tickets.

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