ID card "and" IP "is?

ID card is a common radio frequency card. The simplest and most common is low-frequency RF card 125KHz ID card (thick, thin card-card). ID card once used Switzerland EM4100/4102 chip, so it is used known as "EM". ID cards have a read-only, containing 64B anti-overwrite, unique password, card number at the factory have been cured and to ensure global uniqueness, can never be changed. Its low cost, more applications for sale of rice, attendance, and so on.

IP is short for Internet Protocol in English, including Wenming "network protocols". IP phone IP is a phone application online via the TCP/IP protocol. In line with this application, developing IP calling cards on the market, it was simply called "IP". It is only an application of the card, and "EM", "ID cards", "IC card", "M1" card terms such as do not belong to the same concept.


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