How to protect cards in use should be?

Card as a carrier of information, more time may be securities, certainly has to be properly safeguarded against loss and damages. Also avoid bending, graffiti and pollution affect the image of the beautiful and normal use. Smart cards should be treated more carefully.

Card – do not wear, avoid going near magnetic objects such as phones or strong magnetic field, in order to prevent being degaussed.

ID thick card (commonly used for attendance, cafeteria of RF card meal sale)-avoid bending, grease, near sources of heat, drilling, pressing right now.

Contactless IC card-keep clean, flat, not folded and do not contact the metal chips to prevent electrostatic breakdown; stay away from high temperature, water, do not let the chips fall off; card is in the correct direction, not invert.

Non-contact IC card-avoid scratching, breaking, bending, breaking, cutting, drilling, immersion, close to high temperatures and do not use two cards overlapping.


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