Blank Pvc Cards With Visa Logo

blank pvc cards with visa logo


PVC Card 



ISO CR80 Standard: 85.5mm*54mm


0.84mm or customized


6.2g +/-0.5g





Surface Craft

Magnetic Stripe Option: Loco 300oe/Hico 2750oe;

Signature panel: Grey color / white color/ Transparent;

Treatment: Matt/ Glossy;

UV Code: QR Code, Barcode(13/39/128);

Number: Thermal printing number(black/silver), Ink-Jet printing Number, Embossing number, NBS Number.

Hole punch, Hot-stamping(Silver/Gold), silver/gold glitter

Processing:4 color offset printing, magnetic stripe, embossing number, signature panel,photo, barcode, hot stamping, gold / sliver color, scratch-off, series number, hole punching, spot UV printing, hologram, etc.


Access control, time attendance, hotel management, transportation, library and campus management, Parking lot system and Consuming system.Restaurants, retail outlets, clubs, casinos, beauty parlors, cakes & pastry shops, medical clinics, fitness centers, photography & camera shops, advertisements, etc.

Smart inkjet pvc card with visa logo                                                            

1.High-tech nano-coating,waterproof pvc card.

2.Fast absorb ink,instant dry inkjet pvc card.

3.Directly printing by Epson or Canon printer.

4.Double side printable and absorb normal dye ink inkjet pvc id card.

5.Brand new in package.

6.No need to cut, No need to Laminate.

7.Printing Template in Corel Draw or Photo Shop are offerred.

It can bring a lot of convenience to overseas travel, which is the most convenient way to pay for going abroad.

Holding visa cards can be used for credit card consumption in most parts of the world. Besides the convenience brought by general credit cards, there are other benefits.

can accumulate personal credit;can brushing the card consumption, has the interest free period; can first consume after the repayment; can brush the card to reduce the annual fee; the credit card consumption integral can change the gift, the ticket and so on gift; the emergency time can overdraft the benefit, because the visa card is more popular in the United States and Asian countries, and uses vis in the United States. A credit card consumption will be more common. This also makes full use of the inherent advantages of visa, a card issuing organization.

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